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The company

Tradition and experience

KAVALKADE is a family business with strong roots: we have remained true to our location, the horse town of Warendorf, since 1932. This is our main base, where we develop, test and check our products together as a team.

Even after more than 80 years, tradition still means wanting the same thing: to be able to give horses and riders the best. And because we have actively used the time to find out what our horses want, the name KAVALKADE now stands for a comprehensive range of quality, functionality and optimum fit.

Our values

Optional comfort – Feel-good factor for everyone

It is important to us that both riders and their horses feel comfortable. Whether soft leather, high-quality lambskin or optimized cuts of products, wearing comfort and suitability for everyday use are our top priorities. We bring innovative and comfortable products to the market, such as girths with the Casper cut or various headpieces for snaffles. New shapes are constantly being adapted and refined to suit the horse’s anatomy.

Longevity – Because quality is important to us

We pay attention to the use of durable materials and high-quality workmanship. For each product, we think carefully about the purpose for which it will be used and where weak points could arise. In this way, we learn which materials are the most stable and where we need to take a close look during the processing of a product. Whether for professional or leisure riding, we want to offer all riders the right product.

Functionality – Products with the best benefits

We pay attention to perfection. That’s why we know that the functionality of products depends on the details. We put all our experience into product development in order to support riders and horses in their performance. Movement sequences, behavior and anatomy play a decisive role in this. To ensure that a product works at the highest sporting level, we put it through its paces. In doing so, we take into account the professional’s point of view as well as that of leisure riders.

Sustainability – We are committed to this

We implement measures for greater sustainability in a very concrete way by operating and consuming consciously and sparingly. In doing so, we are also making a contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). After all, how each and everyone of us behaves is crucial to achieving the SDGs.

Optimal fit – Because every horse is unique

Every horse has its very own anatomy. A standard size is hardly possible to do justice to all horses. But we are getting close. We constantly scrutinize and improve our fits. Here, too, we strive for perfection and want to support the horse’s movements with an ideal fit and offer it the necessary freedom of movement.

More than just a product – We act out of conviction

Behind every product, every branding and every event is an incredible team. We live our profession and are convinced that with a lot of passion, motivation and a little patience, masterpieces can be achieved. We are a team and think about the future. We don’t live sustainability out of a sense of duty, but to give our children a future worth living. We like to develop the “egg-laying wool-milk sow” product and rise to the challenge. We support each other and stand up for each other, even in stressful phases. Because at the end of the day, having fun at work simply makes life better.

Price and performance must be right – We have kept our feet on the ground

We understand that the price of a product is a criterion for many people when making a purchase. We don’t want our customers to compromise on quality, so we don’t make excessive profits. We have made a clear commitment to offering products in the mid-price segment without compromising on comfort and functionality.

By professionals for professionals – Perfection with expertise

Warendorf is the horse city of Germany. The best riders in the world ride here and have their stables right on site. We work with people who ride professionally and are in daily contact with the products and with experts who are very familiar with the anatomy of horses and materials. We know that we don’t know everything and are happy to benefit from the experience and knowledge of others in order to develop our products to the highest possible quality.

Perfection in every detail – Because that makes life more beautiful

We love every detail of a product. In our eyes, a product must above all be suitable for everyday use. This means that it should save time in use and be as multifunctional as possible. We also pay attention to the little things. Whether it’s a beveled throat strap, oval holes or the questioning of safety-relevant areas: we ride with passion ourselves and know what is important.

Experience since 1932 – Combining knowledge and modernity

Tradition does not mean being outdated. Our team combines a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over the years! Kavalkade is one of the oldest equestrian brands in Germany and we know what we are doing because we have been in business since 1932 and have developed our own standards in production. Naturally, we pay attention to the latest developments. The needs of riders in relation to their horses are changing. Thanks to our strong community, represented in professional equestrian sport and breeding, we are right in the middle of the process.

Down-to-earth and approachable – Others can take of

Our team has remained down to earth. Everyone is allowed to contribute and help shape the brand. Thanks to flat hierarchies and agile working, we are highly motivated and always in contact with retailers, customers and our test riders. You can simply call us, write to us or approach us at trade fairs – we like to engage in a very personal exchange. Maybe you’ll get the Managing Director on the phone by chance.

Open and open to criticism – Perfection is subjective

Even we are not perfect or see everything. We are always open to suggestions or proposals for improving products. Because they help us to constantly improve our products.